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The American Academy Nicosia Cyprus| Our Mission


The American Academy Nicosia Cyprus is dedicated to providing high-quality education for each student. It remains committed to supporting each family through careful and considerate pricing and effective partnership. Its success is measured in continuing to see its students grow in excellence, knowledge and wisdom, becoming citizens with high values of honour and respect for themselves, for others and for the world around them. 


The American Academy Nicosia Cyprus  | Our Ethos & Values


Remaining central to The American Academy Nicosia Cyprus is our founding philosophy. We promote a balance of academic, physical and social development for all our students.

Our holistic approach encourages students to be responsible and active citizens. This distinctive community seeks to nurture students in an atmosphere inspired by its Christian legacy developing in each individual the universal virtues of honesty, care, and understanding. High expectations for both staff and the student body is central to this vision in which drive and determination ensure that everyone understands their potential and sees improved performance in all strands of school life.


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