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If you have missed our entrance examinations you  still have the chance to apply for a place in our Secondary Department.  This you can do by  arranging to have  an  entrance examination and on passing, and subject to availability, you may have the chance TO BE ADMITTED


External Exams Results and Student Achievements! 


Overall Percentage Of Success For External Exams 2014-2017 | Percentage Of Success For External Exams 2017 per subject

  Graduates 2013-2017 University Destinations | Student Achievements 2016-2017

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Please find below sample entrance exams:


English Entrance Exams

Y7 English EntranceExam Sample1 ( Pdf Document)
Y7 English_EntranceExam_Sample2 ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Entrance Exams Review Guidelines


Y7 Greek_EntranceExam Sample1 ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Greek_EntranceExam Sample2 ( Pdf Document)
Year 7 GREEK Εξεταστέα Ύλη



Y7 Maths_EntranceExam Sample 1 Greek ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Maths_EntranceExam Sample 2 Greek ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Maths_EntranceExam Sample 3 Greek ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Maths_Syllabus Greek ( Pdf Document)


Y7 Maths_EntranceExam Sample 1 Turkish ( Pdf Document)


Y7 Maths_EntranceExam Sample 1 English ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Maths_EntranceExam Sample 2 English ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Maths_EntranceExam Sample 3 English ( Pdf Document)
Y7 Maths_Syllabus ( Pdf Document)

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--> To be returned to the school during your assessment visit along with the assessment fee of €50. Pre-school STAY&PLAY assessment does not require a fee of €50.

--> Primary and Secondary department school students must provide relevant school records. Please include latest school reports (in English) and any other relevant school records (eg IGCSE, GCE AS exam results).