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PreSchool Education

The Pre-school Department provides all the opportunities and experiences necessary to ensure that young children make a positive start on their education journey. Here the children are happy in a place where they feel loved, safe and secure, where they learn and grow successfully.

Extended Day

After School Clubs

Preschool Academics

The Pyramid of Learning recognises that social skills are vital for the foundations of learning. By prioritising social skills in their early years we believe that your child will achieve greater success throughout their life in all areas.
We ensure that every child receives equal access to all areas of the curriculum in an enriched, practical and stimulating environment so that they acquire essential skills to promote successful and holistic development.

At The American Academy Nicosia, we strive to ensure that your child enjoys the first few years of their education journey and becomes a happy, confident, self-motivated, caring individual with a desire to learn..

Your child will develop these essential skills
[taken from the English Early Years Curriculum document] in a well-planned, organised, child-friendly environment, where needs are fulfilled in a stimulating, practical and enjoyable way.

check Personal, Social and Emotional Development

check Communication, Language, and Literacy

check Knowledge and Understanding of the World

check Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Numbers

check Physical Development

check Expressive Arts and Design


Ages: 3 years - 5 years
Children joining our nursery are just beginning their learning journey, with most of them not having attended a school before. This is the stage where we encourage them to experience and explore things in creative and exciting ways, planting the seeds of learning. They develop motor skills through a range of activities such as using scissors, threading and painting which will prepare them for writing and drawing. Throughout this year, the children are gaining valuable social skills.

The older children within our nursery continue to explore and experience their environment whilst learning to question and find answers. They are developing a sense of achievement and are beginning to acquire skills to help them to learn in different ways as their learning journey continues. They begin to understand the importance of communicating in different ways to further develop their social skills, helping them to learn how to solve problems, both practical and mathematical, and communicate their feelings appropriately.
Ages: 5 years - 6 years
These children are learning to apply their skills of enquiry and investigation to solve practical problems. They develop the understanding of how learning is relevant and important in their daily lives. Continuing to develop their fine motor skills, they also acquire the knowledge necessary to develop both writing and reading. Learning in a range of exciting ways, helps them to prepare for transition to the Primary Department where their learning journey will continue.

Beginners Greek:
All children in the Pre-school & Kindergarten begin to gain a basic knowledge of Greek through games, songs and practical activities. They learn useful and important vocabulary such as colours, numbers, days of the week, body parts, family, names of objects including food and different forms of transport.

More advanced Greek for our young native speakers:
Pre-school & Kindergarten children who come from a Greek speaking background are taught separately. These native Greek speakers are provided with exciting opportunities to develop their language skills. As well as singing songs and practical activities, the children will begin to learn their alphabet, learn to write letters and begin to read in Greek.

Extended Day Programme

The Extended Day Programme offers extra supervision for your child after normal school hours, including time for a meal (the menu is available to view here), a range of stimulating and well-organised extra-curricular activities, and creative learning opportunities. The programme runs between 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. and is available for children in both Pre-school and Primary departments. Taking part in the Extended Day programme will help your child to think creatively, explore and investigate, developing their problem-solving skills, sharing their learning with others through play.
We also run our FAAN club on days when the school is closed to students, but it is not a public holiday. These dates are given at the beginning of each year. These days are fun activity days where a range of games, and creative activities are provided for the children. Our Extended Day and FAAN Club programmes are run by a qualified teacher and supported by other members of our teaching staff.

After School Clubs

A wide range of additional activities helps students to find and develop new skills, deepen friendships and enlarge their experience. The Academy offers a wide variety of after-school clubs for the students of the Pre-school & Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary Departments. These clubs run from 2:00pm – 2:45pm based on the term programme which is issued at the beginning of each school term. The American Academy Nicosia currently offers the following after school clubs:

Creative Movements and Expressions
Drama Little Box Theatre