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Ages: 4 years & 8 months – 5 years & 8 months


These children are learning to apply their skills of enquiry and investigation to solve practical problems. They develop the understanding of how learning is relevant and important in their daily lives. Continuing to develop their fine motor skills, they also acquire the knowledge necessary to develop both writing and reading. Learning in a range of exciting ways, helps them to prepare for transition to the Primary Department where their learning journey will continue.


Beginners Greek:


All children in the Pre-school & Kindergarten begin to gain a basic knowledge of Greek through games, songs and practical activities. They learn useful and important vocabulary such as colours, numbers, days of the week, body parts, family, names of objects including food and different forms of transport.


More advanced Greek for our young native speakers:


Pre-school & Kindergarten children who come from a Greek speaking background begin to be taught by our qualified Greek teachers. These native Greek speakers are provided with exciting opportunities to develop their language skills. As well as singing songs and practical activities, the children will begin to learn their alphabet, learn to write letters and begin to read in Greek.

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