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Early Pre-school Learning Goals


The Pre-school learning programme is based on the U.K. Department of Education Early Years Foundation Stages that are organised into 6 areas of learning:-



Your child will be developing these essential skills in a well-planned, organised, child friendly and non-threatening environment, where s/he will fulfil his/her needs in a stimulating, practical and enjoyable way. 


The 6 areas of Pre-school learning in brief :


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Interest and motivation to learn. 
  • Confidence.
  • Concentration. 
  • Sensitivity to others. 
  • Respect for their own and other cultures. 
  • Ability to work as part of a group. 
  • A moral understanding. 
  • Personal hygiene. 
  • Independence. 


Communication, Language and Literacy


  • Using Listening  speaking  and written language. 
  • Sequencing and clear thinking. 
  • Sight and phonetic vocabulary. 
  • Speaking clearly and audibly with confidence. 
  • Naming, sounding and recognising the letters of the alphabet both in order and randomly. 
  • Re-telling narrative in correct sequence – orally and through independent writing. 
  • Recognising and using upper and lower case letters in independent writing. 
  • Using basic punctuation to form complete sentences. 
  • Reading independently with accuracy and for meaning. 


Mathematical Development. 


  • Saying and using numbers in order to 20 and beyond. 
  • Reliably counting everyday objects up to and beyond 20. 
  • Recognising and using numerals up to 20. 
  • Recognising symbols within number sentences ( +, -, = ) 
  • Using vocabulary such as ‘add’, ‘plus’, ‘subtract’, ‘take away’ and ‘equals’. 
  • Using mathematical language such as ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘lighter’ and ‘heavier’ for mathematical problem solving. 
  • Recognising a pattern and solving problems through observation. 
  • To recognise and name both two and three dimensional shapes. 


Knowledge and Understanding of the World. 


  • Investigating objects and materials using the appropriate senses. 
  • Identifying some features of living things, objects and events through observation. 
  • Identifying and understanding similarities, differences, patterns and change. 
  • Becoming inquisitive about how and why things change and work. 
  • To be able to communicate and evaluate simple plans and constructions.  
  • Building construction using a wide range of objects. 
  • Finding out about past and present experiences. 
  • Exploring and respecting the environment. 


Physical Development. 


  • Moving safely and with sustained confidence and imagination. 
  • Moving with control and co-ordination. 
  • Spatial awareness for own body and those around them. 
  • Understanding of healthy living. 
  • Recognition of changes to own body when actively engaged in physical exercise. 
  • Ability to use a range of small and large equipment safely. 


Creative play. 


  • Exploration of colour, texture, shape and form, through a variety of media. 
  • Recognition and exploration of how sounds can be changed ( voices, volume, beat and rhythm) 
  • Responding in a variety of ways to what they see, smell, feel and hear. 
  • Imagination in art and design, music, dance and role play. 
  • Self-expression and communication of their ideas, thought and feelings through a range of media and mediums. 
  • Confidence of self- expression in both small and large groups to a range of audiences.

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--> To be returned to the school during your assessment visit along with the assessment fee of €50. Pre-school STAY&PLAY assessment does not require a fee of €50.

--> Primary and Secondary department school students must provide relevant school records. Please include latest school reports (in English) and any other relevant school records (eg IGCSE, GCE AS exam results).




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