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Est 1922
While maintaining a rich history of academic presence in Cyprus
we reach to even higher standards and achievements
Entrance Exams 2019-2020
Get To Know Us
At the American Academy Nicosia Secondary school, we focus on providing quality education
in a caring environment for children from Year 7 to Year 13 (12 years old to 18 years old)
following the UK Curriculum.


tudents follow a broad and balanced curriculum with a variety of subjects within a range of Faculties covering all their interests and needs equipping them for a successful future.
Our graduating students, upon completion of their secondary school education acquire their (I)GCSE and AS/ A Level certificates as well as the American Academy Nicosia Apolytirion, certificate of completion of secondary school education, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus according to the Private School’s Law of 1971 and its amendments since.


ur students have the opportunity to study IGCSE, GCSE and GCE AS and A levels, available through the Cambridge International and Edexcel Examination Boards. Focusing upon a strong academic programme our students are expected to strive for, and achieve, excellent results, whilst also developing their full potential in all areas of their lives both academic in terms of their results in their external examinations as well as pastoral in terms of the character they develop through the years. Their progress is monitored closely by their teachers through the use of cognitive ability tests early in their educational journey, setting individual targets for them and developing strategies to ensure that each child is reached with the necessary tools and methods in order to maximize their learning and add value to their education.

The American Academy Nicosia students have a high rate of success in their (I)GCSE, AS and A Level examination each year achieving international awards and recognitions. We are proud of the performance of our students as we know that each one of them is a special individual, with gifts and talents that require an environment such as ours to help them unfold their wings and learn to fly.


t the American Academy Nicosia we believe that providing a framework of care and support for our students is central to their development within our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural student body.  We support the unique range of social, emotional and personal needs that makes every student special, ensuring that each one is able to make full use of the learning opportunities within the school.

Our experienced Pastoral Care Team provides counselling, personal guidance, developing programmes of personal and social education for students in Pre-school & Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Departments. The team ensures good relationships within the school community, interacting with the students, the teachers and parents. For our senior students, the team also offers vocational counselling regarding academic and careers options as well as support with university applications.

Students and parents are encouraged to share any matters of concern with Class or Form teachers so that issues can be resolved quickly and effectively by the Pastoral Care Team. In this way, a safe, secure and supportive school environment is maintained.

Sample programmes of the Pastoral Care Team

The House System
The Mentoring Programme


ll students are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the school and to take part in at least two after school activities.

New activities are added each year; our aim is to enable all the students to become involved and to develop skills that go beyond their academic performance.

Some of the activities on offer include:

  • Model UN
  • The International Award for Young People (The Duke of Edinburgh Award)
  • Environment club
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Drama
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton


Before you consider joining us, get to know us better.
We will help you achieve your maximum potential while thoroughly enjoying
your school life. We will help you build your character and ethos while saying NO to bullying.
What People Say
Testimonials describe what has been, and are
a promise of what is to come

I think the most characteristic and appealing part of my school is the reality of diversity. Not only does it build a sense of acceptance and an idea of family, it also aids in normalizing the growing concept of multi ethnic societies and communities in our modern

Gervaise Savvias

One of our school’s features is the small amount of students in each class. Through my experience, the lower number of students brings many positive results to not only the education that the school provides but also the social perks that accompany it. To begin with, the ...

Stephanos Pouloukas

Community is where people live in one place or district considered as a whole. Either with common interests or having things in common. Luckily, my school offers this opportunity to be part of a community and to have a sense of belonging which is highly important.

Anna Maria Kyriakou

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