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Website Anna Grace Year 8

Anna Grace Wallace, Year 8

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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my school gathers together to listen to our Head Teacher and our Principal discuss life lessons with us. This time is called assembly. Assemblies have a positive impact on our school. Firstly, they are a place where students of all ages can come together. Secondly, assemblies are not like classes that teach only a certain subject. They teach life lessons. Students listen to lessons on topics that help develop character and can help in everyday life. These lessons apply to all ages not simply one year. Thirdly, students can help and make presentations in assemblies. By doing this, students develop teamwork skills as well as speaking skills, as they must talk not simply in front of their class but the whole school.



Website Anna Maria Kyriakou Year 9

Anna Maria Kyriakou, Year 9

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Community is where people live in one place or district considered as a whole. Either with common interests or having things in common. Luckily, my school offers this opportunity to be part of a community and to have a sense of belonging which is highly important. At my school, we get to behave as a family, to share our dreams and ambitions, and we try to help each other when we face problems and share feelings of membership. To reach and achieve the above, we have our Pastoral Care Team teachers who lovingly act as parents and patiently guide us to the best of results. Needless to mention that with all our teachers we have a close, friendly and family type relationship which makes our school community exceptional and outstanding. I am really very proud that I am a member of this school community.



Website Stephanos Pouloukas Year 10

Stephanos Pouloukas, Year 10

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One of our school’s features is the small amount of students in each class. Through my experience, the lower number of students brings many positive results to not only the education that the school provides but also the social perks that accompany it. To begin with, the communication between student and teacher becomes personal and can help a student greatly, as the teacher can find out more about the student and allow the student to progress and improve themselves through one-on-one interaction. Another upside is that less students means less disruption and thus more work being done. Classes in which there are less students tend to be ahead of the syllabus and be more efficient on learning the curriculum, or even have extra time to revise for exams. Finally, social wise, a class with less students rids the classmates of alienation, with everyone not only knowing each other quite well and developing friendships, but also allowing students to easily stand out and show their uniqueness. This is not restricted to only classes but the whole school as due to the size of small classes, students from lower grades interact with students who are even near graduation, further evoking a sense of friendship and even family.



Website Giz Basel Year 11

Giz Basel, Year 11

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One of the things I love about the American Academy Nicosia is its amazing community. Everyone is warm, friendly and welcoming which makes it impossible to not make friends. I will definitely keep in touch with the friends I have made here. Our school is a small school which helps you get to know your teachers on a personal level. It is likely that you will form valuable bonds with your teachers and this can be very beneficial in expressing ideas, asking for additional guidance and receiving supportive feedback.



Website Gervaise Savvias Year 12

Gervaise Savvias, Year 12

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I think the most characteristic and appealing part of my school is the reality of diversity. It is heart warming especially for me, who is half Zambian and half Cypriot, to be surrounded by individuals that come from all corners of the world. Not only does it build a sense of acceptance and an idea of family, it also aids in normalizing the growing concept of multi ethnic societies and communities in our modern world. It particularly plays a role in developing acceptance of other cultures and learning about different ways of living as I am able to meet a multitude of people from their different walks of life.



Website Owen Garnett Year 13

Owen Garnett, Year 13

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Our school has not only imparted on us values and principles but has also broadened our horizons. The school offers you the unique opportunity to participate in programmes such as the Berlin Model UN conference which is an international gathering of students. Students learn how to practise public speaking and how to merge different opinions. These programmes successfully build on our strengths and improve our weaknesses opening up a new world of opportunities for us and preparing us for the future.



Website Militsa

Militsa Gosheva, Year 13

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AAN has the most important advantage that a school can have – it is international. That means that since more than half of the students do not speak the native language of Cyprus, the single language of communication becomes English. For a person like me – one that came into the school with an extremely limited vocabulary – that fact has been very important for my development. From the moment I would step in the school, until the moment that my school day ended, the only way I could communicate my thoughts to both my peers and my teachers was through English, thus I had to enrich my vocabulary. I was, for lack of a better word, forced, compelled out of necessity, to communicate. Due to the accelerated language program and its hand on method I was able to excel in my essay based courses, including Literature, which is now my favourite. I am a firm believer that one cannot learn a language in a classroom, one has to be exposed to it from all sides and through all methods. And that is precisely what American Academy Nicosia allows to happen.


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